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New York-based sound healing artist Lisa Marie Darling works with the sacred power of song to foster emotional and energetic reconnection. Within US-based pediatric hospitals, end-of-life facilities, and the Cognitive Neurology Department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Darling’s cappella lullabies have had a profound impact on diverse patient populations and global audiences for nearly a decade.

Lisa Marie’s latest work presents a guided journey through inner emotional landscapes. Using experimental vocalization and looped melody formation, Darling creates otherworldly compositions to aid in identifying and unlocking fossilized trauma and grief. Her simple yet deeply complex compositions offer a calming space where surrender, meditation, reflection, and contemplation feel safe, possible, and sacred. Darling graduated from the Integrative Sound and Music Institute Certification Program at the Open Center in NYC in 2018.


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 Lisa Darling sends vowels deep into the unexcorcised corners of our psyche, high into the rafters and deep into crevasses of our minds where our blocked residual trauma memories live.

Full review here.


Darling explores a sonic vibration that is not composed of gimmicky melodies; but contains within it a certain ethereal quality of wonder and bliss that seems to lull the listener into a catatonic sleep and heal one from the inside. Full review here.


There’s a hypnotic quality to the way these vocal layers intertwine and envelop listeners, connecting for their pure humanity and outcry of genuine emotion and freedom of expression.

Full review here.

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